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Boston Terrier


  • Weight12 - 25 pounds
  • Height15 - 17 inches
  • ColorsBlack & White, Black Brindle & White, Brindle & White, Seal & White, Seal Brindle & White
  • SheddingLow
  • GroomingLow
  • Energy LevelActive
  • Barking LevelQuiet
  • Life Expectancy: 12 - 15 years


Also known as Boston Bulls, the Boston Terrier originated in the Northeastern United States and descended from crosses between the English Bulldog and the now-extinct Old English Terrier. It is also thought that the French Bulldog was incorporated into the lineage to tone down the characteristics of the terrier. Early ancestors of the Boston Terrier were used in hunting and the aggressive sports of dogfighting and bull-baiting, along with other breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier. Previously named Boston Bull Terrier and Round-Headed Bull, these terriers were named the state dog of Massachusetts in 1979 and are one of the most recognized breeds in America. 


An all-American dog, Boston Terriers are a well-balanced, small-to-medium-sized breed that weighs no more than 25 pounds. They have a few distinctive features such as their compact body, pointy ears, and "tuxedo coat," the dark and white fur combination, that makes them a recognizable breed. Their coat is short, Boston Terrier smooth, fine-textured, and comes in a few colors - commonly being black and white or black brindle and white. Bostons have large, round, dark eyes and a short, square-shaped muzzle that gives them a kind and gentle expression. The breed's appearance is finished off by their short, straight or screw-shaped tail.


Referred to as having a "gentlemanly" temperament, the Boston Terrier is commonly described as being lively, clever, and intelligent. They tend to be very affectionate, loving, and bond strongly with their families but can be more reserved around strangers. However, they are generally a friendly breed, are not prone to barking like other smaller dogs, and are great with children because of their playful nature. Commonly said to have a clownish and goofy personality, this entertaining breed is loved by many. Boston Terriers can be a little stubborn because of their bulldog ancestry, but with persistence and consistency, they can be a very obedient companion that loves to please. Due to their small, compact size and moderate energy level, they are very adaptable to different living situations and are a great choice for apartment dwellers. Some dogs may be more or less active than others so understanding the activity level of your Boston will provide plenty of knowledge on how much exercise is best for them, but all dogs, regardless of age, require regular exercise to stay healthy. Well-suited for both city and suburban life with an entertaining personality, there are plenty of reasons why the Boston Terrier is still a popular pet in many American homes.



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