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GUARDIAN GROUP - confident, EVEN-TEMPERED, watchful

  • Weight110 - 155 pounds (male), 88 - 133 pounds (female)
  • Height27.5 - 29.5 inches
  • ColorsBlack, Golden Red, Yellow
  • SheddingMedium
  • GroomingLow
  • Energy LevelSomewhat Active
  • Barking LevelBarks When Necessary
  • Life Expectancy: 7 - 12 years


Known as the Danish Mastiff, the Broholmer originated in Denmark and can be traced back to the Middle Ages as a stag hunter. Little is known about the origin of this molossus-type breed but these large dogs are the result of crossings between the English Mastiff and various local German breeds. Throughout the 19th century, the Broholmer, named after the 18th-century game-keeper Count Sehested of Broholm, became a popular guardian dog for wealthy Danish families and even almost became extinct after World War II. With the dedicated efforts of Danish Mastiff lovers, the breed was eventually revived and the first Broholmer was imported to the United States in 2009 by Joe and Kathy Kimmeth, founders of the Broholmer Club of America.


The Broholmer is a large, mastiff-type breed that is known for their extraordinary guardian abilities, earning the nickname "butcher's dog" for commonly being seen lying on the front porch of butcher shops in Denmark. Regardless of their massive rectangular body and large head, these dogs are actually quite agile and are seen participating in dog sports such as agility and frisbee. Broholmers have a short, close-fitting Broholmercoat that comes in a few colors including black, golden red, and yellow. The breed has light to dark-colored eyes, medium-sized ears, and a large muzzle with a black nose. The Broholmer's tail is carried drooped or held horizontally when moving.


Given their size, impressive bark, and bold stance, the Broholmer can be quite the intimidator when it comes to strangers on the premise. However, these gentle giants are a calm and friendly breed that always wants to be near you. As they were developed for guardian work, the Danish Mastiff may have a bit of an independent personality, requiring a firm and consistent owner for obedience training. They get along great with older children and other dogs but should be supervised around youngsters as they can underestimate their large size. Broholmers require long daily walks to avoid boredom and are quite agile for their size, enjoying hiking, running, and catching frisbees. They prefer to not be kept in apartments or small homes and would love a large area to freely move around in. A sweet breed with watchdog tendencies, the Broholmer may be the perfect choice for an active family with a large yard.



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