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Spanish Greyhound

Galgo Spanish Greyhound The Spanish Greyhound, also known as the Galgo Español, has a serious, reserved temperament and can be shy in the presence of people he doesn’t know. He is affectionate toward his family and gentle with young children. Plan to give him frequent early socialization to overcome his tendency toward shyness. In the home, he’s quiet, but when he is hunting he turns into a lively, energetic dog. Give a Spanish Greyhound regular exercise to keep him conditioned. He’s an ace competitor in lure coursing, a sport that involves chasing a mechanically operated artificial lure. The Spanish Greyhound gets along with other dogs and he has a reputation for being friendly around cats. Even so, if you acquire an adult Galgo, it's best to supervise him around cats until you’re sure they get along. And the Galgo Español won’t have any qualms about chasing unknown cats or other small furry animals he sees outdoors, so he must always be walked on leash. The 50- to 65-pound Galgo Espanol can live contentedly in an apartment or condo as long as he gets a daily walk or run of at least half an hour. He’s an excellent partner for joggers and runners and is satisfied to be a couch potato after exercise. Never permit a Galgo Español to run free except in a safely enclosed area. An underground electronic fence does not constitute a safe enclosure. The Spanish Greyhound will run right over it, heedless of any level of shock. Galgo Espanols respond well to positive reinforcement techniques, especially food rewards. If you are firm, fair, and provide the right motivation, they learn quickly and easily. If you don’t, well, this is a big dog that can do a lot of damage untrained and left to his own devices. The Galgo Español loves his family and should live indoors with them, preferably with access to furniture or soft bedding. Other Quick Facts

  • The speedy Galgo Español was bred to course rabbit and hare.
  • The Galgo’s smooth or wiry coat can be any color, but is usually seen in brindle, fawn, red or black, with or without white markings.
  • Unlike the Greyhound, which is more of a sprinter, the Galgo is built to run long distances over rugged terrain. His hare feet are suited to taking him safely over uneven ground.
  • The Galgo Espanol is a generally healthy breed. Sighthounds in general have a tendency toward osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

Source: www.vetstreet.com



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