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Glen of Imaal Terrier


  • Weight30 - 40 pounds
  • Height12 - 14 inches
  • ColorsBlue Brindle, Wheaten
  • SheddingLow
  • GroomingHigh
  • Energy LevelSomewhat Active 
  • Barking LevelQuiet
  • Life Expectancy: 10 - 15 years

Origin Glen of Imaal Terriers originated in Wicklow, Ireland where they were bred to catch vermin in households and even to hunt badgers and foxes.

Description The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a scruffy, hard-working terrier that has a distinctive head with half-prick ears and a unique stance. Their coat is a medium-long length with a harsh-textured outercoat and a soft undercoat. The eyes are medium-sized, round, sit well apart, and dark brown. Their small ears are half-pricked and sit wide apart. The muzzle is tapered with a black nose. The tail is typically docked to approximately half-length.

Temperament & Training Active and agile, Glens love to spend time outdoors playing with their owners. Since they are a terrier, they can be a little stubborn and become bored of too much repetition during training, but they do make a gentle, affectionate companion to a family. The breed is known to get along with children and other dogs, small children may need to be supervised. The Glen is not considered a very active breed, playtime and daily walks would satisfy their energy.



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