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Kai Ken

Kai Ken The Kai Ken is a breed that came from the Asian country of Japan. The Kai Ken also go by the names “Kai tora-ken”, “Kai Inu”, “Tora Inu”, “Tora Dog” and the “Tiger Dog”. They are well known for its brindled coat, sturdy body and well developed muscles. In 1934, the Japanese government classified the Kai Ken as a “natural treasure” thus making this dog protected by the law. It was called the Tora Dog (Tiger Dog) primarily because of its brindle and coloring. This coat enabled the Kai Ken blend in with the mountainous surroundings from which it hailed, making them effective hunters. Kai Ken Personality Owners of Kai Kens describe their pet to be trustworthy and devoted guardians to their masters. They are reserved towards strangers and are loyal and affectionate towards its owners, especially with children. Kai Kens are alert and intelligent; they can be trained quite easily. The Kai Ken have are very devoted to their pack. This trait was one reason why the breed was able to maintain its purity. Source: http://www.dogguide.net/kai-ken.php



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