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Kishu Ken information
Name Kishu
Other names Kishu-Ken, Kishu-Inu
Origin Japan
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Northern Breeds (UKC)
Life span 11 - 13 years
Temperament Faithful, Docile, Noble, Alert, Dignified
Height Male: 19–22 inches (49–55 cm) Female: 17–19 inches (43–49 cm)
Weight Male: 13.6–27.3 kg Female: 13.6–27.3 kg
Colors Red, White, Brindle, Sesame
Kishu Ken long ago in Japan's wakayama counties. Triple county as the center of the mountain area, was used as a hunting dog breeds of pigs, deer hunting. Strength is powerful, appearance is permeated with wild taste, tail curled, hind legs with a Wolf's paw. The face and forehead is a little broad. Cheek is very significant, eyes also inclined slightly above the lift, muscular approach. In the majority with white color, has red, sesame and tiger spot color color, and so on. The dog to strangers on the sex is strong, sincere to my master. Brave stand out, have a vigilance, let a person dare not close to. Good dog is guarding. Origin for Japanese kii peninsula.
Kishu Kens are a one person/one family dog. They are courageous and brave as hunters, and will be loyal to their owners. They have a strong prey drive, and will hunt small animals. They do well with other dogs if socialized well as puppies, however, due to their pack instincts they might cause some fights for dominance. They are quite headstrong and willful, making training necessary, but they are devoted and loyal to family, getting along well with children, if raised with them. Kishu Kens like to keep an eye on whatever is going on, and sometimes find a high place to look out from. They can be aloof or shy around strangers. They are easily housebroken, intelligent, and strong willed.

Source: www.dogbreedslist.info



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