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Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo The Lagotto Romagnolo breed, also known as the Romagna Water Dog breed, was originally a water dog breed, but history gave it a new job: sniffing out truffles. The Lagotto Romagnolo's Behavior Source: Furry Critter Network Recommended for: pet dog The Lagotto Romagnolo dog breed is a very active breed that requires exercise. Lagottos Romagnolo make good watch dogs because of their vigilance and barking habits. They are docile and affectionate and are thus very attached to their human families. However, they still require proper training. Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home. The Lagotto Romagnolo's Physical Characteristics Here are some of the characteristics of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed as determined by the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain and the Furry Critter Network website.

  • Size: males 17 - 19 inches; females 16 - 18 inches
  • Coat: dense, curly, doublecoated, waterproof topcoat and wooly undercoat
  • Color: solid off-white, white with brown or orange markings, brown roan, shades of brown
  • Eyes: large, rounded, dark brown, ocher, hazel
  • Ears: mid-size, triangular, round tips, pendulous
  • Muzzle: shorter than skull
  • Nose: large
  • Tail: tapering

The Lagotto Romagnolo's Origins and History Source: Club Italiano Lagotto and Furry Critter Network website Country/Region of Origin: Italy Original purpose: water dog Name: Romagna was a place in Italy where the breed was locally known as "Can Lagot" which means "water dog" or better yet "wetland hunting dog with crimpled, curly coat"; better known as Romagna Water Dog Historical notes: There were already canines that bear resemblance to the Lagotto Romagno dogs during the Etruscan civilization, well before the rise of the Roman Empire. They were originally meant to be for the marshlands but as those marshes were reclaimed, many soon specialized in truffle hunting. Despite cross-breeding, there were still enough pure-bloods left to ensure that the breed would stabilize in the 20th century.



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