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New Guinea Singing Dog

New Guinea Singing Dog

New Guinea Singing Dog Information
Name New Guinea Singing Dog
Other names New Guinea dingo, Hallstrom dog, bush dingo, New Guinea wild dog, Singer
Origin Papua New Guinea
Size Type Medium dog breeds
Breed Group Companion dogs
Life span 12 - 16 years
Temperament Lively, Affectionate, Gentle, Alert, Active
Height Male: 36–46 cm Female: 33–43 cm
Weight Male: 7.7–13.6 kg Female: 7.7–13.6 kg
Colors Brown, Black & Tan, Sable, Red
New Guinea singing dogs (scientific name: Canis lupus hallstromi) is one of the subspecies of the gray Wolf. Eyes small, erect ears, flexible ear, its bottom in a line with eyes. Short hair, coat in different shades of red. Thin hind legs, feet on the fur is white. Is the most primitive breeds, was never truly domesticated, New Guinea and Australia's wild dog singing is likely to be from India Wolf domestication, the Wolf is likely to be the ancestor of most dogs in the world. New Guinea singing aggressive dogs, like to wander, some temperamental, cries that distinctive, indifference to the person, like with the same group. They are similar to the relationship and master cat's relationship with owner. Live in the forests of New Guinea mountains.
This species is wild and its bark is unique, like singing, sound had a strange sadness. Individual bark last for an average of 3 seconds, but can last for up to 5 seconds. In the beginning, steady rise in frequency and the noise, but usually shows a sudden change in frequency, can quickly change to 300-500 milliseconds or every second. Howl in spectral analysis generally have five to eight color difference.Is not suitable for city life, suitable for hot weather, can adapt to the cold climate. Mainly feed on small mammals. Their behavior and wolves or kennel is different. New Guinea singing dog takes its name from their distinctive howl sound similar to the singing of birds or whale song. They use howl express emotions and will, rather than use your body language. New Guinea singing dog play more like sneak peak.

Source: www.dogbreedslist.info



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