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Papillon The Papillon breed (also known as the Butterfly Dog or Continental Toy Spaniel) is a small dog with big ears. In fact, the big ears are likely what give the breed its name (French for butterfly), since they are said to be the size of butterflies. Papillons are also remarkably athletic and active for dogs their size. The Papillon's Behavior Source: Wikipedia. Recommended for: pet, working dog The Papillon dog breed is a hardy small dog breed that seems to deal well with new situations. Papillons are generally more athletic than other dogs their size. Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home. The Papillon's Physical Characteristics Here are some of the characteristics of the Papillon breed as determined by the American Kennel Club's published breed standard.

  • Size: 8 to 11 inches
  • Coat: abundant, long, fine, silky, flowing, straight; flat on back and sides of body
  • Color: parti-color or white with patches of any color
  • Eyes: dark, round, medium-sized
  • Ears: either standing straight up or folded (drop)
  • Muzzle: thinner than the head
  • Nose: black, small, rounded and slightly flat on top
  • Tail: long, high-set

The Papillon's Origins and History Source: Wikipedia. Country/Region of Origin: France Original purpose: pet Name: French for butterfly, likely referring to the large ears resembling butterflies; also known as Butterfly Dog, Phalène (drop ear type), Continental Toy Spaniel and Epagneul Nain Continental. Historical notes: The Papillon, believed to be one of the oldest toy breeds, was a favorite at the French royal court. According to legend, Marie Antoinette carried a Papillon dog with her to the guillotine, and the dog was spared and lived out life at a building in Paris still called Papillon House.



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