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Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound The Pharaoh Hound breed is the national dog breed of Malta. Once thought to be as old as the Pharaohs of its name, it is now known that the Pharaoh dog breed is much more recent. The Pharaoh Hound's Behavior Source: Wikipedia. Recommended for: pet, working dog The Pharaoh Hound dog breed is friendly, affectionate and playful. As a hunting dog breed, Pharaoh Hounds tend to be both alert and very fast. Also as a hunting breed they require regular outdoor exercise. Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home. The Pharaoh Hound's Physical Characteristics Here are some of the characteristics of the Pharaoh Hound breed as determined by the American Kennel Club's published breed standard.

  • Size: Males: 23-25 inches. Females 21-24 inches
  • Coat: short and glossy, ranging from fine and close to slightly harsh with no feathering
  • Color: tan/rich or tan/chestnut with white markings
  • Eyes: amber-colored, matching coat; oval-shaped, moderately deep-set
  • Ears: medium-high-set, broad at the base, fine and large
  • Nose: flesh-colored, matching the coat
  • Tail: medium-set, fairly thick at the base, tapered like a whip

The Pharaoh Hound's Origins and History Source: Wikipedia. Country/Region of Origin: Malta Original purpose: Name: Maltese name, Kelb-tal Fenek, literally translates as "Dog of the Rabbit" or more simply "Rabbit Dog." Historical notes: For many years, this breed was thought to be one of the oldest dog breeds. However, recent DNA analysis reveals that the breed was created much more recently and only bred to resemble ancient breeds of dogs. The Pharaoh Hound is the national dog of Malta.



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