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Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier The Tibetan Terrier breed is not a true Terrier breed. It was merely called that because it reminded Europeans of Terriers by its physical resemblance. It is a versatile breed. The Tibetan Terrier's Behavior Source: Wikipedia. Recommended for: pet, working dog The Tibetan Terrier dog breed has a temperament that has made it attractive to people. The members of the breed are warm and friendly to their owners and family and are gentle to older children. They can reside in apartments but they still need regular exercise since they are energetic. Dog sports suit them very well. Being watchdogs by nature, they are reserved around strangers but not aggressive or shy. They bark only when necessary and the sound they make is compared to a rising siren. Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home. The Tibetan Terrier's Physical Characteristics Here are some of the characteristics of the Tibetan Terrier breed as determined by the American Kennel Club's published breed standard.

  • Size: mid-size
  • Coat: doublecoat, wavy or straight, long; undercoat: soft, woolly; outer coat: profuse, fine
  • Color: any color or color combinations
  • Eyes: large, set well apart, dark brown
  • Ears: pendant but not too close to head, V-shaped, heavily feathered
  • Muzzle: small beard on lower jaw
  • Nose: black
  • Tail: mid-length, heavily furnished, set high, falls forward over the back

The Tibetan Terrier's Origins and History Source: Wikipedia. Country/Region of Origin: Tibet Original purpose: herding, guard dog Name: also known as Dhoki Apso Historical notes: Tibetan Terriers have many uses in Tibet and are considered to be versatile creatures for being able to herd cattle and flocks and guard over property. They also made good companions. They were most likely given as gifts because their working nature meant that they were too useful to be just sold off.



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