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Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier The Welsh Terrier breed is an active dog breed that can do as much activity as is offered. It is a trimming breed, which means its abrasive hair must be trimmed and not cut. Welsh Terriers do not shed and do not need constant bathing. Though the breed has the instincts and traits of a terrier, it's more of a thinking type, the kind that will stand back and consider instead of plunging into something head first without thought. The Welsh Terrier's Behavior Source: Wikipedia. Recommended for: pet, working dog The Welsh Terrier dog breed is best for people are stead and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. Properly taken cared for, a Welsh Terrier is lively and seldom shy. They are adaptable to both city and country environments. They do not ask for exercise but when called upon they will keep up with someone who likes open-air activities. It is active and though a terrier, it picks its fights wisely and would only do so if necessary. What they lack in physical demands, they make up in intellectual ones. To stay agreeable, they must have interesting things to do every day. They get along fine with children and will play with them although adult supervision is required for times when the child is too tired to continue playing but the dog is still up for it to avoid misunderstanding Remember that breed only provides a general clue as to any individual dog's actual behavior. Make sure to get to know dogs well before bringing them into your home. The Welsh Terrier's Physical Characteristics Here are some of the characteristics of the Welsh Terrier breed as determined by the American Kennel Club's published breed standard.

  • Size: 15 inches
  • Coat: hard, wiry, dense; short soft undercoat
  • Color: black jacket; tan head, quarters, and legs
  • Eyes: small, dark brown, almond-shaped
  • Ears: V-shaped, small
  • Muzzle: half the length of the head, strong, squared off
  • Nose: black, squared off
  • Tail: tail base set well up on back, carried upright

The Welsh Terrier's Origins and History Source: Wikipedia. Country/Region of Origin: Wales, United Kingdom Original purpose: hunting Name: "Terrier" is derived from terra; they are given that name for their trait of digging after game in burrows such as foxes and badgers. Historical notes: Experts believe the Welsh Terrier is one of the oldest pure bred terriers, developed hundreds of years ago in the secluded mountains and valleys of Wales. Welsh Terriers accompanied hounds in hunting to go to ground or to go into caves after game to flush it out to prolong the chase or if necessary seize the hunted animal.



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