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BKC Registration Services & Fees

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Litter Registrations

Register your Litter of puppies with Breeders Kennel Club online or call in to register your litter of puppies.  Once a Litter is registered with BKC, Breeders and owners will receive a pre-printed litter application for each puppy in the litter to give to new owners.

New owners must complete the Breeders Kennel Club pre-printed litter application and submit the application with the appropriate fees by U.S. mail or by using our online puppy registration application

BKC International Breeders Kennel Club pre printed puppy app 2016 Final

Breeders Kennel Club Dog or Puppy  Registrations Fees:

Standard Registration: $19

Photo Registration: +$5

Certified Pedigree (2-4 Generation): +$12

Foreign Registration (Outside U.S.): +$10

Pet Photo Wallet ID Card: +$10 (BKC Members) / +$15 (Non-Members)

Microchip: +$39

Bronze Package $59       Silver Package $69       Gold Package $74

  • Standard Registration                                         Standard Registration                                            Photo Registration
  • Microchip Registration                                         Microchip Registration                                           Microchip Registration
  • Photo Pet ID                                                      Photo Pet ID                                                         Photo Pet ID
  •                                                                         Pedigree                                                              Pedigree


BKC Breeders Kennel Club Standard Registration                                                                   BKC Breeders Kennel Club Photo Registration                                                                                                           

Sample without photo BKC front Gold effectSample BKC Owner Certificate19014576


  BKC Breeders Kennel Club Pet Photo ID                  

Pet ID cards available for all of your pets (Dogs, Cats, ect.)









Submit your favorite image for Pet ID (Backside)

Jake Card Back









Contact Us

Breeders Kennel Club

 P.O. Box 441 Duluth, Georgia 30096

 Phone : (470) 525-6223

 Email : info@breederskennelclub.com


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